Angel Of Creation Pendant

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Self-Care, Stamina, Resilience, Success in Love.

An Angel for when great creative projects require support for the soul.

Presented in our lovely Angel Jewellery box with printout and chain.



Angel Of Creation Pendant.

Super boost any new project with the Angel Of Creation pendant. Silver wings and supportive crystals Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Peridot , Tourmaline and Carnelian. Pendant size, 1.9 inches wide x 2.5 inches long.

An Angel necklace for inspiration and support with all tender new projects in the early creative phase.

  • For help with manifesting your desires for Love.
  • For commitment to your emerging new self.
  • To start your new business.
  • To write that book.
  • To start a family.

The Angel of Creation Pendant fortifies you in every way.

My beautiful solid silver, handmade super boost Angel of Creation Pendant, carries the gemstone of creative resilience and success, the potent and mystical Carnelian. With moonstone for inspiration, rose quartz for connection to your hearts purpose, and tourmaline to release doubt from the emotional body, this is the most popular of all my Angel necklaces.


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