Read these lovely testimonials.


Hello, Linda,
I received my beautiful Mother of Pearl Angel Wing pendant today!
I am so pleased with the overall beauty, size, and quality of the pendant. It is such a stunning piece of jewelry! I cannot wait to show it off to all of my friends and family and to give the other pendant to my friend!
I will certainly order some more pendants soon and recommend Angel Jewellry to everyone!

Thank you, Linda!
Hugs and love to you from the USA!


Hi Linda, wanted to let you know that I received the angel yesterday. She is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for putting such love and light into your work.

All the Best, Mary Ellen


Good morning Linda, I have spent the last hour going through your website for the first time – beautiful and informative. I saw a piece of your jewellery “Archangel Michael” on Saturday as I was having an angel card reading (worn by the lady doing the card reading) and thought it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I was so taken by it I had to find out where it was bought and more info about it. I got your name, website and phone number, which was brilliant, and so here I am.

There are so many pieces and I really love the Archangel Michael piece, but I think the one which has stood out for me is the “Moonstone Angel Pendant”. It is for New Beginnings and that’s what came out strongly in my card reading. There was no price against this one so maybe you could let me know the cost of this pendant and how I can purchase my first piece.
I am so excited and happy to have found this website.


Hi Linda
I have just purchased Archangel Michael Pendant. I want to express to you how beautiful your work is and how much I love this piece.

I have a daughter who’s guardian angel is Archangel Ariel. I just wondered if you have made a pendant for Archangel Ariel or would you consider doing so. I would love to have this for her at her graduation.


Hi Linda!  It’s Sanna from Sweden. I have got the Angel from you today! Aaaahhhhh, sooooo beautiful! Its more beautiful then on the photo! I love it! Thank you very much! My friend from Russia also very happy! Wishing you a plenty of customers! And keep on creating cause you bring a real joy with your Angels!
With my best regards and love,


Hi Linda,
Today I received my Moonstone Angel Pendant – “THANK YOU”. It’s so beautiful and I can’t wait to wear it. I will be sure to give you feedback on comments.
With thanks, Antoinette


I just wanted to tell you how much I love my Archangel Michael pendant. Nearly every time I wear it someone comments on it. I had a telephone psychic reading a couple of weeks ago and the reader gave me the name Michael, then went on to say that this Michael was saying something about a necklace. I was wearing my Michael pendant at the time, so it seems that The Man himself approves of your jewellery too!

Love and light


Hi Linda
Sorry it has taken me so long to write to you…its been hectic for me because my mom has been diagnosed with terminal cancer advanced stages that has metasticized. My mind has been a bit cloudy trying to figure all of this out, and trying to accept and prepare for what is to come this year.

The pendant is so so beautiful and my friend loves it! And I have to say, the way you package it is so lovely! This has been such a wonderfully spiritual gift for my friend…thank you so much. The archangel is already a comfort and blessing to her.

Hi linda.
We received it Monday! This archangel pendant has journeyed long and far…sort made my friend feel a little more special! Looking forward to our continued conversations…
Many blessings, much love and light


Hi Linda
I have just purchased Archangel Michael Pendant in the Angel shop in Dunlaoighre. I want to express to you how beautiful your work is and how much I love this piece.
I have a daughter whoes guardian angel is Archangel Ariel. I just wondered if you have made a pendant for Archangel Ariel or would you consider doing so. I would love to have this for her at her graduation.

May the Angels continue to guide and protect you. You are doing such beautiful work on their behalf I am in no doubt that they are working with you.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

regards, Jean

Hello beautiful Linda, I am so very happy that I found your site and the beautiful Archangel Michael pendant that I just purchased from you! Your creations are amazing and I was so happy to find that you are in Ireland as my husband and I visit there once a
year, our home away from home! With love and blessings I send you light to continue your beautiful path.
Thank you, Joanna Mullane


May the Angels continue to guide and protect you. You are doing such beautiful work on their behalf I am in no doubt that they are working with you.

Hi Linda
I am going to work on my website this week and would love to add a link to your beautiful jewelery website. Perhaps one day you may like to come on my radio show and share you journey with the Angels that brought you to making such beautiful and special energy items?

Thank you for making my day and my clients who had the pleasure of enjoying looking at it while I wore it this weekend. I have taken it off today as I am with the kids all day homeschooling.Yes I have just received it on Saturday Night. I have been in London ever since I received. But I loved it and I love the Abundance Angel. Huge hugs and thank you!!!!!!! It even brought me unexpected abundance on Sunday and Monday in London. So she is watching me well.ieAnnmar

Huge blessings, Alicia


Oh thank you so much Linda. I feel so much better. The jewelry you produce is the

most wonderful I have ever seen. I don’t wear jewelry as a habit but when I saw your work I just had to have one and I will treasure it forever.

Namaste, Lauren Urbais, M.Ed.

Animal Reiki Practitioner/Teacher


Hi Linda,

I received my pendant yesterday – thank you so much – it is just gorgeous! I love it!!!!! I wore it last night and had a number of people comment on it. I will certainly pass on your details! I also have a friend who has a large crystal shop who may be interested.

There is something very special about your jewellery – it is infused with love and light! I think I would like one of each piece!!!!!
I have sent you a friend request on face book – hope I have the right person!!! And have liked your jewellery page.

Many blessings to you.

With love and gratitude


Hi Linda,

Thanks very much for sending on the Angel so quick,, I received it in two days and its beautiful,

Thanks Again, Marion


Dear Linda,

I had purchased a necklace from you last fall, my girlfriend wears it constantly. She recently has been diagnosed with Crohns Disease and cancer. The cancer has been discovered early and prognosis is good, however she will have to deal with the Crohns Disease for the rest of her life. I would like to give her something that would bring up her spirits and as well as help her to believe that the healing powers are contributing to some of her good days. I understand that you have started to make some of your angels in gold, I am wondering if it could be possible to create for her a Ruby Angel in gold. Her name is Bonnie.


Hi Linda,
I just love your jewellery! I was wondering do you sell them wholesale? I have just opened an angel shop, and looking for genuine angelic crafts, you can check me out @ www.angelsonline.ie. Looking forward to hearing from you:)

Angel hugs,



Hello Linda,
Greetings from the Great White North (Canada, that is)

Thank you for creating such beautiful pieces. I want to buy an Archangel Raphael for my wife. She’s a lovely lady who, because of a
recent serious illness, has discovered her connection to Raphael. This connection has become very important to her and has kept her going the past few months.

Having it by Christmas (actually Dec 19, as we’re travelling to her parents for Christmas) would be lovely. It just so happens that Christmas day is also her birthday.

The rub is, of all the beautiful pieces you have pictured on your website, Raphael is the only one missing. Do you have even a snap-shot?

And do you think it would be possible to get it to Calgary, Alberta, Canada by the 19th?

Thank you so much.

Looking forward to hearing from you…


Hello Linda
I came across your website and just fell in love with your beautiful Angel jewellery, and wanted to ask first off if you would ship to Sydney Australia? As I would like to purchase a couple of the pieces. Happy to pay shipping costs etc.

And was wondering if any of your designs come in gold or mainly all silver? I love gold but would be just as happy with silver.
Look forward to hearing from you.

Kindest regards



Hi Linda,

My husband Patrick bought one of your angel pendants for me recently (rose quartz)
and I am just emailing to say thank you for including a beautiful pair of
earrings because of the order delay, it was very kind of you. I love the pendant
so much, it is really beautiful and has an amazing energy. I can’t wait to check out
some of your other jewellery!
Keep up the amazing work,

Thanks again,

Best wishes,


Hi Linda, I just received the beautiful Archangel Michael pendant today and it was so
worth the wait, it is stunningly beautiful and resonates with the most beautiful energy
of Archangel Michael and the medicine of the stones you chose for it. Just lovely and I cannot thank you enough! I just may have to get Archangel Raphael as well since I work with him just as much.

With love and light to you on your path,



Hi Linda,

I bought one of your opel angels as well as the Archangel Raphael pendant in Kilkenny on monday. I love both of them and have been wearing them since i got them. They are being greatly admired by everyone, i feel such love and peace in my heart when i put them on, i hate taking them off when i am going to bed, i feel as if part of me is missing when i take them off. Thank you so much for your beautiful creations, it is easy to see they are made with lots of love and light from the “angels” through your hands. I look forward to acquiring Michael when you have them on your site for sale, i will also be purchasing some angel pendants for birthday and christmas gifts for my loved ones. It was a pleasure to meet you and your beautiful angels, i am the woman who said she was not going to have a reading but try as i did to leave the room i felt as if i was being pulled back towards one lady so i had my reading and was very happy with what i was told so it
was a lovely day despite the weather.

Love & Light to you Linda.

Rosaleen O’Neill.


Hi Linda.

Occasionally something happens that really touches my heart, like the other day, when my Daughter sent me of one of your beautiful Angel Pendants. I was completely taken with the beauty and design of this lovely Angel Pendant. She bought me the Amethyst Angel, and I can feel such a calmness when I wear the Pendant, so I would like you to know the immense pleasure this gift has given me, and thank you.

Over the years I have collected quite a few Angel Pendants, but they are nothing like as lovely as this one.

Imelda H., Bath.


I feel grateful for this beautiful gift. You are very a talented lady.