About Linda

Linda is from a celtic background and studied music, dance and literature in London in the 1960′s. She grew up playing among the great Stones of the Henge in Salisbury England, and lives with her family on the beautiful west coast of Ireland. She is the mother of seven children and has 16 grandchildren.

About Angel Jewellery

“The pieces I create combine angel images with the subtle energy frequencies of crystals and gemstones which work by themselves empowering the wearer to receive constant angelic support for their own personal intent.”  Each angel is designed with a quality or emotion in mind, and is intended to watch over and guide you in this aspect of your life.

To be of service

“I create, not so much through a desire to embellish people, but rather to be of service to light workers, healers and artists who are on a mission of conscious change and growth. This is my commitment to you. It is my passion and joy to combine for you the physical and energetic components of each Angel in a way that when you wear your angel necklace you will experience a deeper and more complete sense of interaction with that Angel.

” My angel jewellery is all handmade, with the purest materials, and sensitively combined in a happy and homely atmosphere, giving each piece a lovely energy that you can really feel.”

Love, as always,