Carnelian Angel Necklace Fertility


Receptivity & Endurance.

The Carnelian Angel radiates life and warmth that sustains and captivates. Many believe it is advantageous to wear a Carnelian necklace during pregnancy, or during the birth of a new creative project. Read more..

Carnelian Angel Necklace. Fertility.

How can we enhance our ability to conceive? With the lovely Carnelian Angel necklace.

As we all know our fertility rates seem to have gone down in recent years due to the fact that women are choosing to wait longer before starting a family. But what happens when we finally decide to start? We often find we may take a while to conceive and a little extra support is always welcome.

Carnelian Angel Necklace. Fertility.

We enhance our ability to conceive with the lovely Carnelian Angel necklace.

When we find that we are taking longer than we planned to conceive, why not get a little extra fertility boost with the lovely fertility angel.

Our angel necklaces comes with an 18″ silver chain, and is presented in a satin lined box.

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