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Angel Jewellery & our Silver Guardian Angel Necklaces.

Welcome to Angel Jewelry, the home of our handmade Angel Necklaces in Silver and Angelic crystals. Here you’ll find the perfect silver Angel Necklace for you and your loved ones. Choose from the Healing, Guardian Angel Pendant rangethe Archangel Pendants, or the Birthstone Angel Pendant range. You’ll find other exquisite angel gifts such as our Fertility Angel and the Rose Quartz and Turquoise Angel earrings.  A host of heavenly Angels are here. From the Dancing Angel Pendant to the Peace Angel Necklace, many wings and rings and fabulous Angelic things await within, to light up your life. We keep the focus on Angels and their power to lift us, and we simply love gemstones too. Please enjoy the love. ~ Linda.

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