Archangel Pendants

Archangel Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Jophiel & Uriel Necklace.

Angel Pendants in glorious silver and sumptuous gemstones to evoke your most beloved ArchAngel.

Discover which archangel is right for you by viewing the angel necklace collection below.

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  • Sale! archangel Uriel Necklace

    Archangel Uriel Necklace Light And Clarity

  • Archangel Michael pendant necklace with sword

    Michael Archangel Necklace Pendant With Psychic Sword Of Protection

  • Sale! double terminated rock crystal point

    Double Terminated Rock Crystal Point Gold Set Divination Angel Wing Necklace

  • Sale! archangel raphael necklace

    Archangel Raphael Necklace For Healers & Healing

  • Archangel chamuel pendant necklace talisman

    The Angel Chamuel Pendant For Peaceful Relationships And Finding Your Soul Purpose

  • Sale! divine feminine angel goddess pendant necklace

    Divine Feminine Angel Necklace. Energy of the Feminine.

  • Sale! Archangel Zadkiel Necklace

    Archangel Zadkiel Necklace. Angelic Healing. Perfect Connection.

  • Sale! angel necklace for motherhood Fertility Rose Quartz silver angel pendant necklace.

    Angel Of Creation Pendant

  • Sale! queen of Angels pendant

    Mary Queen of Angels Pendant Necklace for Mother and Inner Child

  • Sale! Silver Kwan Yin Necklace

    Kwan Yin Angel Goddess Necklace For Peace, Prosperity and Love.

  • Sale! archangel jophiel pendant

    Archangel Jophiel Pendant. Laughter, Joy, Abundance.

  • Sale! Archangel Gabriel Pendant

    Archangel Gabriel Pendant.

  • Sale! Saint Bridget goddess of ireland pendant Goddess of Ireland

    Saint Bridget Goddess of Ireland Pendant

  • Sale! Archangel Michael pendant Archangel Michael necklace

    Archangel Michael Necklace. For Protection & Strength.

  • dancing angel pendant