How To Remember Your Divine Origin With Angel Jewelry

Jewelry that helps us to remember our Divine Origin

Our health, and even the survival of our planet now depends on remembering our divine origin. Sadly, humans have lost touch with their beautiful, divine connection, and as a result are suffering all kinds of unhappiness in the form of depression and dissatisfaction, and seem to be plagued with a compulsive yearning for something MORE!

We have forgotten that the journey we are on is towards light and love and unity. We’ve forgotten that we are supposed to FEEL connected to that divine source of safety and nourishment, always. We have forgotten it is our birthright to KNOW that we belong, and that we are all united in a special way. 

But when we leave the comfort of our spiritual origin, and enter this world as tiny babies we are at the mercy of our parents and the environment. We are helpless.
And even though we have come with the precious seeds of love and divinity in our little hearts, unless we are treated as the divine creatures we are , that divine spark, that light of spirit will fade from our memory.

We’re all meant to feel safe and connected, even in the womb.

As we acclimatise to our new earthly environment our parents are supposed to be there to reflect back to us how divine and perfect we are. They are meant to be able to treat us like little angels, and nurture that divine spark that we bring with us from the other side.

All children are supposed to FEEL connected. All parents are supposed to put the physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychological needs of their children before their own.  Parents are supposed to ATTUNE themselves to their children, and when they don’t, children are forced to attune themselves to their parents.

We are all born, pure and blessed with the spark of divine, angelic light within each one of us, and now as adults we are on a path to reclaim and remember how miraculous and beautiful we all are. When this happens for enough of us we will have peace on Earth.

Angel Jewellery As A Talisman

A talisman is an object that exercises a remarkable, tangible influence upon our feelings and actions.

Within my Angel Jewellery pendants I have arranged crystals, symbols and images in certain combinations which will work on their own to amplify your connection to the Archangels, the Angelic realms and our divine origin.

You will feel their energy as soon as you see them. As many people have remarked in the comments and testimonials, they have a truly beautiful energy as well as being a fine piece of jewellery, one which we hope will be passed on through the generations.

Remembering our connection to everything

Lots of love


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