Can Science Prove Angels Are Real With Information Carried By Light

Last week I met up with an old friend of mine who is an astrophysicist. Her work involves observing deep space galaxies billions of light years away. Light from these distant objects tells her how old they are, what they are made of, and all kinds of other amazing facts about deep space.

She explains that the light they emit is a transfer of information by vibrating particles which come from the source of light from distant stars to the receiver.

Well, you say, what’s that got to do with Angels?

Because light is a vibration, and light rays carry ancient information and wisdom, she calls them… Angels!… Imagine!

So I began thinking..

Tradition tells us Angels are light beings, connected to the divine. That they move at the speed of light, bring us information and messages of love and guidance, and are always there for us.

What if our traditional view of Angels is actually scientifically plausible?

Could it be that these light rays or vibrating entities of light from distant galaxies actually are the Angels referred to in almost all ancient teachings?

Could these light particles carry vibrations of love, healing, comfort and wisdom to us from somewhere far away in our universe that is wiser, kinder, and just more evolved? 

And are there ways we attract and align with this (angelic) light wisdom through meditation or visualisation or by choosing gemstones with similar frequencies and on similar light spectrums?

Is science beginning to integrate with the metaphysical ideas behind our spiritual traditions? 

My angel jewellery is designed to be a tool that can help us align with beings of light, and use their wisdom and guidance.

According to my astrophysicist friend Earth is receiving more light rays (she calls them Angels) than ever before from deep space, opening a rare opportunity for us to align with higher beings and absorb new information, and the wisdom we need to heal and create a new story for Earth. 

Lots of love, as always