attract angels into your life

Building an angel altar to attract angels into your life.

Of course, you dont have to attract Angels into your life because they are already with you. All you need to do is energetically acknowledge their presence, and they will immediately make themselves available to you.

Trouble is, I forget to ask.

attract angels into your life

My mind is a wanderer.

As soon as I wake up my thoughts drift towards the more demanding jobs of the day, and my energy very quickly gets highjacked, absorbed in a whirlwind of the “have to’s, got to’s and should do’s” of the day.

Hours might pass before I realise, before I remember to quiet my mind, calm the ego’s chatter and contact my angels.


My Angel Altar Is The Solution.

I’ve found that building a pretty little angel alter somewhere in my home serves as a very effective, visual reminder for me.

As I walk past my alter it serves as a little spiritual poke – reminds me to stop, connect with spirit, connect to my angels, and ask for an abundance of higher, angelic vibrations to guide me through the day.

Lovely! Job done.

So, how to build an Angel Altar? What do you need?

Here are some ideas.

  • Basically, anything you consider beautiful, angelic, and spiritual. My home is very small, so my angel altar has small things on it but if you have more space you can go as big as you like.
  • I have a little porcelain vase I inherited from my mother in which I try to keep a live, fresh sprig of greenery, or a flower.
  • Then I have photo’s of my children and grandchildren and a photo of myself as a two year old.
  • A perfumed candle that I light every day for half an hour or so.
  • An angel statue.
  • A little golden buddha.
  • My angel pendant.
  • A circular, crochet mat to sit everything on.
  • A deck of angel cards from which I pick one card each day.
  • A bundle of white ceremonial sage.
  • An incense holder with an incense stick.
  • A selection of my favourite crystals.

Building an angel altar is just one of many ways to attract angels into your life Here’s some more ideas to follow, that are guaranteed to expand your angel consciousness and fill your life with blessings from the angelic realms of love, light and spiritual guidance.

Here are some nice ideas about how to align with your divine purpose using lots of Angel Guidance.

Relax and enjoy.

Lots of love




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