Divine Feminine Angel Pendant Necklace With Her Symbols And Pearls

I want to tell you about the creation of the divine feminine angel pendant necklace with her symbols and pearls, and how it came to be not just a pendant but an amulet to evoke divine feminine energy.

Imagine a selection of potent symbols that embody the essence and the beginning of all creation, such as the moon, and the divine womb

Add the radiant pearl, a material with deep-rooted links to iconic goddess figures like Isis, Venus and Aphrodite, and luminaries such as Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn.

The design doesn’t stop there!

Add a baby crystal drop with crescent moon wings to represent the nurturing aspect of the divine feminine, and finally the large hand creafted mother of pearl wings to symbolise the rise of the feminine consciousness inspiring so many of us at this time.

But the real magic happened when I put all these elements together. A shape emerged that could only be described as extraordinary!

The big central womb like stone was flanked by shapes resembling a woman’s ovaries – they are impossible to miss!

Can you see them?

divine feminine angel goddess pendant necklace

There are moments in the creative process when something magical intervenes. Something is revealed to the artist that feels like a divine intervention. Many artists report this as channelling or receiving a download from an unknown source.

Its the unexpected, the unplanned stemming from a source beyond our comprehension.

Whether the symbolic shapes that emerged in the creation of my divine feminine pendant were just a lucky coincidence, or a gift from the divine mother herself, one things for sure – they most certainly enriched the entire nuance and intention of the pendant..

It becomes a talisman, to forster our bond with the divine feminine within us – a conduit, channelling the pure, divine wellspring of feminine wisdom and understanding as a source for our transformation.

divine feminine angel pendant necklace with her symbols and pearls

The Divine Feminine Necklace is a celebration of womanhood, a tribute to the divine feminine we all carry within us!

A Prayer to the Divine Feminine.

Empower us with your fierce and tender Mother – Wisdom. Embolden us with courage to speak truth to power in these times.

Divine Feminine Mantra.

Fierce – Flow – Flourish

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