What To Expect From December Full Moon In Gemini

Full moons are always so full of energy, but none as exciting as the full moon in Gemini. Get ready for a stimulating social time but beware of spreading yourself too thin! Here are a few things to expect as the moon comes to full illumination in the constellation of the zodiac’s brilliant air sign.

What to Look Forward to

Time With Friends & Family

The full moon craves deep connection and Gemini offers very social energy. Look forward to socializing with those you love most.

Great Communication

You may be tempted to chase the rabbit down the hole in every conversation you spark up. Be mindful to listen, too. A full moon in Gemini will have you eager to share your thoughts and ideas. If you don’t have anyone to lend an ear, take advantage of this time and write it all down!

Adventurous Energy

Expects high vibrations at this time. Full moons are often bursting with emotion but this one is lighter. Be spontaneous without overthinking and take advantage of opportunities to take little adventures. Saturn is still Square Uranus, so expect a bit of push and pull between your responsibilities and your desire to break free from the norm. Everything in moderation will be key.

What to Prepare for

Recharge Your Social Battery

Balance time spent with others and being alone. Your social circle will demand a lot from you in the coming days, make sure you’re able to offer your best self by committing to personal time, first.

Find Ease and Calm in the Chaos

Gemini lunar energy will send everyone into overdrive. Between the last-minute shopping, holiday parties, and out-of-town guests, try not to overthink or stress. You can handle it better than you think. Archangel Micheal is especially good to turn to when discerning which activities and people are worth your energy when it seems everything demands your attention.

Endings and Completion

Full moons indicate the completion and finalization of work projects, decisions, and even relationships. It’s nothing to fret over, but if you notice you have a few things pending, anticipate them wrapping up.

What to Expect

Mood Swings

Gemini is a mutable sign that can change its expression frequently and without warning. During the full moon, you may notice you crave to go out or spark up an interesting conversation with someone. Then, suddenly, desire to cancel all plans and stay in bed with a good book. Allow yourself to be flexible and try to leave wiggle room in your schedule.

Little Down Time

The energy of the full moon is going to ignite everyone. Expect to be surrounded by activity and a strong urge to be a part of as much as you can.

Playful Energy

Though this is a busy time, it feels light, playful, and childlike. Nostalgia abounds as you surround yourself with talkative friends, family, and partake in traditions.

The full moon in Gemini brings with it a lot of joy, social energy, and a gentle invitation to prioritize your peace and wellbeing.

Enjoy, and remember your angels

lots of love