Why Activate Your Angel Pendant?

Let me tell you why it’s both fun and important to activate your Angel Pendant.

There are hundreds of thousands of Angels to help us achieve anything and everything we could ever want. Remember, God gave every single one of his Angels a specific task so they could help humanity in an infinite number of ways. Your Angel would like to help you with your particular needs, so once you have chosen her it’s time to talk to her about your needs so she has a clear idea of what she is here to do.

Follow This Easy Activation Ceremony

This is a lovely little ceremony you can do right away to activate your Angel Pendant and build a beautiful relationship between you and your Angel. You will need a pen and paper, a candle and your Angel pendant.

  • Reserve 15 minutes quiet time for yourself, somewhere you won’t be disturbed.
  • Put your phone on silent, light a candle and dedicate the light to the wonderful relationship you are now going to have with your Angel.
  • Sit comfortably, holding your Angel pendant in the open palm of your dominant hand, with your other hand supporting it underneath.
  • Sit a safe distance away from the candle but close enough so that the light falls onto your Angel Pendant.
  • When you are comfortable, relax and release all tension. Take one nice deep breath, then 3 more breaths, each one becoming a little slower and a little deeper than the last.
  • Sit quietly like this for about 3 minutes, and begin to form a clear idea of what you want your Angel to help you with, e.g.”I want to experience more love and fulfilment in my present relationship” or “I want to improve my self-esteem so I feel confident in all situations” or “I want to work on my health issues and bring my body back to perfect health”
  • When you have clarified your intention put your Angel Pendant to one side and write down your exact goal or intention. Include how you will feel when you have achieved it.
  •  Pick up your Angel pendant again and hold her in your hands like before, letting the light of the candle fall upon her. Speak to her quietly about the goal or intention you have written down, keeping your conversation specifically on this subject for the next few minutes. Also speak to her about the outcome of your goal and how you are going to feel when it is accomplished.
  • Now say a short prayer of gratitude, thanking your Angel in advance for her help. Know that from now on she will always be with you to guide you and help you manifest your desired outcome..
  • Blow out the candle and dedicate the light to the wonderful relationship you have now established with your Angel. You two are now a team of considerable influence.

Congratulations, you have now followed all the steps to activate your Angel Pendant.

Once she has helped you with this task you can activate your Angel Pendant to help you with a new one. Just go through this same process as set out above to set your new intention with her.

To get rid of any negative energies that might have attached to your Angel Pendant you might like to come over here first and I will show you how to do a beautiful cleansing ceremony.

Good luck and I wish you great success.

Lots of love