cleansing your angel pendant

Golden Rules For Cleansing Your Angel Pendant

Cleansing your Angel Pendant can be achieved in several different ways and I will also let you into a little secret to keep your Angel looking its best.

Your Angel Pendant is made of silver and silver is a versatile, semi-precious metal with a soft luster that makes for beautiful jewelry. We use a lot of gemstones in our jewellery too, so It can be a bit intimidating if you want to clean your Angel Jewellery because it seems so delicate. However, you don’t have to be a professional or use expensive cleaning products to safely clean your Angel Jewellery by yourself.

The safest way is to rinse it under cool running water and gently rub the silver and around the gemstones with a very soft toothbrush and hand soap. Be sure to clean off any residue, rinsing off the soap completely.

Dry it completely using a soft cloth so there is no moisture on the surface of the jewellery. I like to wrap it in a soft Kleenex tissue afterwards so that any remaining moisture is absorbed by the tissue.

Now you can use a special silver polishing cloth or simply a soft, lint-free cloth to gently rub the silver clean after washing and drying. Make sure it gets completely dry. Silver can be so soft that even using a scratchy, rough towel could be enough to make indentations in its surface. As you gently buff your jewellery you will see the radiant shine return.

Tips for cleansing your Angel Jewellery and keeping it safe.

All sterling silver will tarnish over time, but it will happen much faster if it comes into contact with agents such as perfume, salty air, sulphur, skin creams, hairspray, chlorine and acidic skin ph.

The amount of tarnishing (oxidation) that occurs really does depend on your care habits. Because of this I wipe my jewellery with a soft cloth after wear, and store it carefully away from heat, damp and light. This is a sure way to keep it looking gorgeous and lustrous forever.

We also recommend that you do not wear your jewellery whilst bathing, whilst in bed or during sporting activities. Having said that many of my customers report to me that they have worn their Angel Pendant for 5 years solid without ever taking it off!!

Cleansing your Angel Pendant in the moonlight.

To restore the radiance of the gemstones, place your jewellery on a windowsill where the gemstones will receive the rays of a full moon. Leave it exposed to the moon for an hour and this will re-charge the crystalline structure of the gemstones so their healing and protective properties will be amplified.

This is the perfect time to activate your Angel Pendant so she can work to your best advantage. If you want instructions on how to do an activation ceremony with your Angel come over here.

Cleansing Your Angel Pendant With Sage.

From time to time cleanse your Angel Pendant of negative energy with white sage.

We are all exposed to negative energy in a variety of different ways during our everyday lives and our everyday interactions with people. Cleansing your Angel Pendant with the following ceremony will release any negative energies which have attached to your Angel.

Dank, unwanted energy is sometimes hard to shake off, especially if it comes from an attachment we’ve had to a person or a substance. It’s important to cleanse not only your Angel Pendant but also yourself and your living space so the energies of love and light reign supreme.

Cleanse everything in 4 easy steps.

Sun dried white ceremonial sage has a distinctly beautiful scent when burned. You can purchase it from many whole food stores, and if you’re new to this practice, just try to be open to all the benefits.

  1. Put your necklace on and make sure it is firmly around your neck on the outside of your clothing.
  2. Place your sage bundle in a fireproof dish then light your sage bundle by holding a flame to it until it begins to smoke. If a true flame appears, shake the bundle gently or blow until it is just embers and smoke.
  3. Once you have a nice smoke going, use you hand or a feather to direct the smoke over your body from your feet up to your head, then back down again. Repeat a few times and as you do this, visualize the smoke taking away any negative energies from your Angel Pendant, your life and your home. You can also visualise the smoke taking away any unwanted energies from your loved ones and even pets who live with you in your home.
  4. Once you have completed the cleansing let the sage bundle to either burn out or gently press it out in your heat-proof dish or container.

Have fun wearing your lovely cleansed Angel Pendant and don’t forget to come over here to see our instructions on how to activate and dedicate your Angel Pendant so she can help you with your goals whatever they may be.

Lots of love