Winter Solstice: A Spiritual Calling to Reconnect With Yourself

The Winter solstice is Tuesday, December 21, 2021. On the darkest day of the year, we celebrate the rebirth of the Sun as it begins a new solar cycle. The Earth becomes still in winter, days are shorter, nights are longer, and an internal beckoning for self-discovery invites us to take a journey within.

Our conscious awareness of seasonal cycles resonates with our own needs to evolve, transform, and rebirth. There are four particular ways we can connect with the Winter Solstice and accept its invitation to get to know ourselves better.

Get to Know Your Guides

Spirit guides come in all forms, pets, friends, and departed loved ones. The most readily available spirit guides to connect with this Winter Solstice are your Archangels, guardian angels, and helper angels.

The darker days can make you energetically sensitive making you more aware of an angelic presence. Each Archangel has a unique gift, often focused on healing and protection, and is available to all who are willing to align with their empathic nature. Guardian angels are exclusive to you and were sent to guide you specifically. Helper angels are a kind of “freelance” healer waiting to serve the human race. They often show up unexpectedly.

This Winter Solstice, light a few candles, take a few slow, deep breaths, and invite your spirit guides in. Using a journal, note the thoughts, feelings, and messages that arise. This is a sacred time and the perfect way to welcome the new season and prepare for all it has in store.

Find Joy in the Stillness

Winter Solstice arrives just before seasonal festivities are in full swing. Use this time to tune into the quiet space within yourself and ensure you meet your needs before pouring out unto others. Find ways to hold that stillness so that you can easily return to it after spending time with friends and family. Winter Solstice invites you to enjoy the present moment–never ruminating on the past or anticipating the future. 

Plant Seeds of Manifestation

Winter Solstice carries Capricorn energy which is focused, and goal-oriented. This makes it an ideal time to begin planting the seeds of manifestations.

Begin by getting crystal clear on what you want next year to look like, how you want to achieve it, and milk the feelings of knowing all your needs and wants will be met.

Face Your Darkness

As we enter the darkest time of year, we begin to appreciate the bright beautiful energy of the Sun even more. But it’s important to face what the deep dark nights can teach us. Are there parts of yourself you’ve been hiding or avoiding? 

Even if it may feel uncomfortable exploring the dark corners of your soul, know that Winter Solstice is a safe and nurturing time to unpack all that’s built up over the past year, release it, and make room in your heart to forgive, love, and celebrate the new year that’s right around the corner.

Sending every wish for a wonderful new year

Lots of love