The Power and Purpose of Sacred Jewelry 

Spiritual, or sacred jewelry has its roots in ancient history. From Greek Goddesses being adorned with blue jasper necklaces to insure their entry the underworld safely, to every modern religion having some form of prayer beads–We have long relied on jewelry to maintain access to divine, spiritual energy.


But do these lovely tokens serve as more than just sacred symbolism? 

Spiritual Ascension

Sacred jewelry is one of the most accessible ascension tools available. Angel pendants are especially helpful if you seek spiritual enlightenment, develop your spiritual gifts, or connect with God, or what you believe to be the source of all loving energy.


Jewelry shaped to represent divinity, carry high frequencies. While human frequency is ever-changing depending on the mood, how healthy you are, or whether you are well-rested, or even if you’re out of alignment with your purpose–your frequency changes from hour to hour or more.


Spiritual jewelry contains a vibration that can only increase. It resonates with the highest, most-joy-filled frequency and can aid in elevating yours no matter where it stands.


Divine jewelry can pull you out of the worst moods, and if you let it, redirect your life’s trajectory toward one that supports your greatest good.

Divine Communication

Wearing an Angel pendant can be an invitation to speak to your angels. Whether you hope to reach loved ones on the other side or seek a message directly from one of God’s army, Angel jewelry can open the door of communication.


Use prayer and intention setting when wearing your Archangel Pendants. Create signs and symbols and keep your mind open to divine messages. You can even ask to have your angels reveal messages in numbers, colors, or animals. Trust, then wait for divine timing. Whatever you are meant to know will be made clear to you.

Personal Development

The power and purpose of sacred jewelry can benefit you no matter how spiritual or religious you are. Personal growth and development in enough reasons to wear high-frequency jewelry pieces as they enhance all endeavors that are for your greatest good.


Connect with the piece of jewelry that feels energetically significant to you through intention-setting. And let it serve as a reminder of your personal goals and trust it to align you with your purpose.

Protection & Comfort

When spiritual jewelry is given as a gift, it is often bestowed with the power of protection and comfort and in connection with the giver. Archangel’s are given orders to protect and do so in the most divine and cunning ways–even if they aren’t the most obvious to us right away.


When inviting the protection and comfort of divine energy, you must be willing to somewhat surrender the idea that you have it all figured out. Angel jewelry will remove relationships, events, situations, and material things that it knows will harm you.


As you can see–sacred jewelry is more than beautiful adornment and accessorizing. And though there’s nothing at all wrong with that, just know that if you are wearing it you have access to divine power, healing, and guidance at all times.


Words from Linda, about her Angel Jewellery.

All my necklaces are made with the most beautiful natural crystals and they have already helped thousands and thousands of people from all walks of life all over the world connect more fully with their Angels.

Many of the crystals are connection crystals and will help you to safely and confidently channel the Angel or Archangel you are working with for inspirational messages and healing.

I explain all about the crystals I have used in each necklace and the ways they are most likely to benefit you.

Each one has an energy that will empower you to develop your soul purpose and align with divine healing.

Check out these Angel and Archangel necklaces in the photos below –  they are my most popular ones and are helping so many people, as you will read in the testimonials.

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