archangel zadkiel necklace

The Buddha said, 

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought”


But what he didn’t say was that 2 generations after us will be affected by what we’ve thought as well!

Today, medical science and neuroscience have conclusive evidence to show this is, in fact, true – that our thoughts, those conscious, and often subconscious little thoughts that are forever flying around in our minds..(300-1000 words/thoughts a minute), not only influence our physical and mental health, but they also influence the very blueprint of our DNA. Yes, emotions like joy and fear can be passed on through our DNA which means you are directly influencing your grandchildren’s happy!

Take a moment to let this sink in

Has science has agreed with Buddha, that we possess, by the very power of our thoughts, the ability to directly and substantially benefit our own, our children’s and even our grandchildren’s health and happiness by cultivating right thinking? – wow!

But thoughts are tricky little things

They sneak in on you. They can take you up, or bring you down and they’re persistent. Sometimes they are downright horrible, stressful, judgemental or even cruel. So how can we raise our quality of thought and keep the negative stuff out, when such a lot is at stake?

In my articles, I talk a lot about meditation

We gain a lot when we meditate. We gain awareness of the mind and its thoughts. We watch them as they come and go. Eventually, we get better at choosing those we want; the empowering ones, the beneficial, and the compassionate ones. This is what I, personally, believe to be the Ascension process which is happening now.

Green Amethyst and Ascension.

And this is why the beautiful silver angel pendant, the Archangel Zadkiel, came into creation. Adorned with glorious Amethyst gemstones set in a mystical circle of 7 pillars around the massive central Amethyst, and with the green amethyst, with its capacity to build a two way connection to the higher realms,  divine energy just flows.. back and forth to calm the mind, aid meditation and help us relax and release stress from deep in our core.


A lovely prayer to say after your meditation is to ask Archangel Zadkiel and the Angels to gather up any stressful energy which has been released and take it away so it can be returned it to its pure state.

Happiness to All