Peace Angel Necklace. For Personal & World Peace.


A graceful Peace Angel Necklace in amethyst, with filigree wings and a gown of little silver dangles, to calm, meditate and de-stress. Be a part of the magic regardless of where you are.

Pendant size 1.5″ x 2″ Length 18″


Peace Angel Necklace.

A graceful, handmade, silver Peace Angel Necklace to calm, meditate and de-stress. The Peace Angel Pendant holds an amethyst crystal between finely worked filigree wings and has a charming, dainty gown of little silver dangles.

The entire Peace Angel Necklace is 20″ long, including the sterling silver chain. It comes beautifully boxed with a short printout describing the Angel, and ships worldwide with registered post.

Peace is a state of mind. I love the simple, conscious act of going to that place within, where I can choose to simply be.  It fills me with a state of peace in times of stress or anxiety.

This Peace Angel Necklace is dedicated to personal peace, world peace and the peace makers of this earth. Read more?



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