carnelian fertility angel pendant

Carnelian Fertility Angel Jewelry

I am often asked about Angels which might aid fertility and lead to conception and happy childbirth. I am a mother of 7 wonderful children after all, and my work with the Angels and the mineral kingdom often raises this question from my readers. How can we enhance peoples ability to conceive?

As we all know our fertility rates have gone down in recent years due to the fact that women are choosing to wait before starting a family. But what happens when we finally decide to start? We often find it may take a while to get going again and a little extra support never went amiss.

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Keeping it Simple

Pendants come in gold and silver using a combination of fertility gemstones such as rose quartz, moonstone and carnelian set between Angel wings.

I believe one of the most important gemstones to wear, for a woman who wants to conceive, is Carnelian. Carnelian has long been said to boost all aspects 0f fertility, including our energy level and our sexuality. Red Carnelian will stimulate the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, cervix and vagina. It can alleviate PMS, balance reproductive hormones and is said to guard against miscarriage. The gemstone is also used to alleviate stress and depression.

Carnelian Gemstone

Like the stillness of a deep red sun set, or the richness of a brilliant Autumn day, Carnelian captivates. It is a stone both of the earth and of the sun which holds a warmth and a depth that lingers and persists. Once worn by warriors for courage and endurance, it speaks to us of empowerment, drive and stimulation. Its name comes from the Latin word meaning “flesh”. Orange crystals, in particular are fertility symbols and are linked with conception.

The fertility Angels teach us first and foremost to relax, and to be good to ourselves. We must eat well, sleep well, exercise and have fun. We must stop trying to do anything of great proportions, and understand the infinitely microscopic elements involved in conception. We are fine just as we are, natural, fertile, open and receptive, and nothing could be more normal, easy and effortless. These things happen when we are not looking, not thinking, and most importantly, not worrying. If we live in this sort of wisdom, we will become pregnant. Proper medical care is essential of course, and the fertility Angels create an aura for it all to just happen in, relaxed and naturally, as it is meant to be. The Moonstone Angel Pendant, The Rose Quartz Angel Pendant and the Garnet Angel Pendant all have similar associations, to watch over and bring comfort to Mum during and after pregnancy. These lovely solid silver Angel necklaces come with a silver chain, and are presented in a satin lined gift box.