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  • Sale! Garnet Birthstone Birthstone Angel Pendants and Angel Necklaces

    Guardian Angel Birthstone Pendant Garnet January

  • Sale! Rose Quartz guardian angel Pendant Rose Quartz January

    Rose Quartz Guardian Angel Pendant For Love

  • Sale! 7 Archangels Gold

    7 ArchAngels Necklace. Gold Vermeil Angel Wing Chain

  • Sale! Angel wing hoops earrings gold vermeil on 925 silver

    Angel Wing Hoop Earrings in Gold Vermeil

  • Sale! guardian angel abalone wing silver earrings

    Paua Shell And Silver Angel Wing Earrings

  • Sale! Guardian Angel Wings Choker Necklace adjustable

    Gold Angel Wings Choker Necklace

  • Sale! angel wing hoops earrings silver

    Silver Angel Wing Hoop Earrings in Silver

  • Sale! angel ring silver filigree 925 silver

    Angel Ring In Silver Filigree

  • Sale! Guardian angel necklace for new beginnings

    Guardian Angel Necklace for New Beginnings.

  • Sale! Angel Wing Necklace

    Angel Wing Necklace Mother Of Pearl

  • Sale! silver guardian angel wings leaf necklace

    Silver Guardian Angel Wings Leaf Necklace

  • Sale! angel pendants for harmony and balance

    Guardian Angel Necklace for Harmony & Balance

  • Sale! silver guardian angel pendant

    Guardian Angel Pendant For Eternal Youth With Aquamarine Crystals

  • Sale! November Angel Pendant joy

    Citrine Guardian Angel Necklace. Joy And Abundance.

  • Sale! Ruby Angel Necklace Angel of Vitality. Silver Angel Necklace

    Ruby Angel Necklace For Relationships And Creating Your World Your Way

  • Sale! Rose Quartz guardian angel Pendant Rose Quartz January

    Angel Pendant For Finding Love

  • Sale! amethyst angel pendant necklace for protection

    Amethyst Guardian Angel Necklace For Serenity

  • Sale! silver guardian angel pendant

    Silver Guardian Angel Pendant: Aquamarine For Serenity

  • Sale! angel ring 22ct gold filigree

    Angel Ring 22ct Gold Filigree.

  • Sale! Archangel Michael pendant Archangel Michael necklace

    Archangel Michael Necklace. For Protection & Strength.