peace angel necklace

The majority of us want a peaceful life,’s evident by the thousands, even millions of organisations out there taking action for peace.

A quick glance at the ones that made it into Wikipedia and we find; Peace Alliance, Peace Cafes, Granny Peace Brigade (I kid not), Amala Foundation, Waging Peace, Future Worlds Centre, Peace Alliance, Peace Direct, League of Nations and many more, with millions and millions of subscribers, donating, volunteering, giving their time and money, all contributing to a common wish for world peace

We all say we want it, so what’s going wrong, why is peace still just a dream?


  • Peace is what we want yet there are only 11 countries in the whole world right now that are free from conflict.peace angel necklace
  • For every $1 spent on conflict prevention  $2,000 is spent on military budgets.
  • The 20th century was one of the most violent periods in human history.
  • An estimated 191 million people lost their lives directly or indirectly as a result of conflict.

“We are in an epoch different to any other epoch in human history. The problems we are facing are monumental. They include climate change, ever decreasing biodiversity, diminishing supplies of fresh water on the planet and underpinning all these – overpopulation. Without peace we will be unable to achieve the levels of cooperation, inclusiveness and social equity required to begin solving these challenges, let alone empower the international institutions needed to regulate them”. – Steve Killelea. Vision of Humanity.

Wear the Peace Angel Necklace to remind you.

Lets re-think the concept of peace not as a utopian dream, but as an attainable goal to strive for. Lets not give up. To keep you on the light path tune in to the frequency of world peace and the Peace Angel Necklace with the beautiful amethyst crystals. Wear this angel necklace, to represent a global mission and desire for peace.

Angels are hosts of peace. If we ask for their assistance they can help us to find solutions to conflicts and perhaps the greatest paradox of all, teach us how to be at peace with ourselves.

We can offer prayers to the Angels of Peace to bring peace to our planet, peace to our families and friends and, most importantly, peace to ourselves.

The Amethyst Crystal in the Peace Angel Necklace

Peace Angel Necklace in Filigree with AmethystIn crystal lore the noble amethyst crystal has long been worn for its peace bringing properties. Amethyst has a calming and peaceful energy, wrapping you in a cloak of comfort, reducing stress and aiding meditation and a calmness of mind.

Actually, in ancient times it was known as the sobriety stone but I wouldn’t risk it if you’re over the limit!!

Wear your Angel Pendant to help you while studying or taking an exam, when working on the resolution of a dispute, when you have to go into a stressful environment or any time you need to keep your head especially clear, calm and non reactive.


Most of all, wear the Peace Angel to fly the flag of peace. And to remind you of what we stood for back in the 60’s. We were standing for peace then, and we’re standing for peace now, why is it taking so long? We know how to create peace. God knows we’ve studied it enough.

The Department of Peace is a proposed cabinet-level department of the executive branch of the U.S. government. Wouldn’t it be amazing?

Think Peace.

God bless – L.