When do you need protection from your Angels?

Angel Necklace for protection in everyday situations.

Many situations in everyday life call for protection from your Angels. Maybe you get lost whilst walking in a forest, maybe you innocently get involved in a street fight, or maybe you just walk into a restaurant and feel a heaviness in the air that disturbes you and makes you feel very uncomfortable. Remember, whenever you’re facing a dangerous situation ask your angels to protect you.

Angel Necklace for protection from psychic attack

Another reason why you might need protection from your guardian angels is in the case of psychic attack from another person. This could be consciously directed at you or not, but either way it can have very harmful and hurtful effects if you’re not in good spiritual and emotional condition. When negative energy is thrown in your direction it is possible to invite guardian angels to quickly come to the scene if you’re wearing an angel necklace for protection.

Angels and Angel Necklaces that help to shield you.

To shield yourself, just imagine, think, or see the wings of your guardian angel completely envelope you, whatever angel you choose. You can also shield others, or objects such as vehicles or homes, with your angels. It adds to the protection to see the colour of the angels too. Shields wear off after some hours so you’ll need to reapply them if the situation calls for more protection.

Here are some Angel Necklaces and colours you can choose from depending on the situation.


  • SILVER TOPAZ ANGEL:  angel necklace for protectionGood for protection against crime or physical attack. Invokes additional angels around you.  (Click to viewWhen you feel in danger call your angels to surround you in a silvery white globe of light.




  • angel necklace for protectionROSE QUARTZ ANGEL:  The pink rose quartz shield protects against negativity. Helpful in situations where you’re around negative-minded, complaining, or gossipy people, as only love can permeate her rosy shield. (Click to view) Use the colour of this angel to see yourself surrounded with rosy light and watch as the harsh words and vibes just float away before they reach you.



  • angel necklace for protectionAMETHYST ANGEL:  Psychic protection. Shields against psychic attack and entities. (Click to view) Use the purple ray of  the higher mind to place a constant shield of protection around you and your aura so that it filters out even psychically transmitted thought forms and dense energy.




  • Archangel Raphael Necklace and his 5 gemstonesRAPHAEL HEALING  ARCHANGEL:  As a  physical healing shield use Raphael’s green healing shield for someone who’s injured or ill. (Click to view) . See your own energy field permeated with Raphael’s green healing light to shield yourself and others from sickness and to attract the correct formulas you need for healing.




  • Archangel Michael angel necklace for protection ARCHANGEL MICHAEL INTENSE PROTECTION: The ultimate shield against negativity whenever a battle is anticipated, or you’re feeling extra vulnerable or open. See or feel yourself completely surrounded by Archangel Michael’s wings and his lead metal shield which nothing can penetrate. (Click to view)



Angels to ward off unwanted attention.

Wearing an angel necklace is a form of psychic protection that hides your light energy from any lower or negative forces and this can be useful any time you’re going to a crowded or busy place or if you have to meet with anyone who has previously upset you. An angel necklace is especially protective when you want to shield yourself and prevent yourself from gathering any unwanted negativity in any form.

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Know that when you wear an angel necklace in this way you might want to cleanse your angel from time to time to re-charge the crystals and remove any stuck energy.

Guardian angels are always working behind the scenes to protect you from anything or anyone who intends to harm you, and they are working to prevent evil plans from becoming reality in your life.

They will let you know they are around, and to reassure you they’ll often appear as white feathers, songs on the radio about angels, thoughts, feelings, a knowingness, or even a vision so look out for their divine presence.

Read some testimonials from people who have used my angel necklaces for protection and comfort when having surgery.

There are many stories of how angels have intervened to save lives of humans and animals. We are all able to ask the protection of angels and there are many books documenting the miraculous ways angels have helped people out of dangerous situations or warned them not to go to certain places where danger might be lurking.

Angels have been created to protect and guide us all. Remind yourself to ask for their protection by wearing an angel necklace for protection as a constant reminder that angels are near.

Lots of love