Angel necklace for motherhood

Angel Jewelry. Connecting with love.

My daughter`s baby girl has arrived, making me a granny for the 16th time. At only two weeks old she smiles sleepily now and again from her mother and father’s arms, while we, her entourage, fuss quietly around the tender new family, almost on tip toe, every one of us still captivated in the spell of this sacred nativity.
Last month, awaiting her coming, it struck me that the only way onto this planet is through the female body. We tend to take it for granted,

Mothers, celebrate your divine creativity.angel necklace for motherhood Fertility Rose Quartz silver angel pendant necklace.

Watching my daughter`s belly swell in these last few months of pregnancy was proof enough of the most extraordinary miracle women perform,  as their bodies, willingly (or un-willingly), surrender to bring forth life.
In ancient times, the female was respected and revered for this wondrous, life giving power, and as we look back in time, we see Her essence venerated, with the deepest respect, in every single culture on earth, as the Holy Mother or the Supreme Goddess.

Acknowledging our Genius

I thought of Shee La Na Gig, the ancient Goddess of the Celts; through whose cavernous birth canal we all must come. Shee-La, the formidable female creator of the whole Shee-bang!  You have to go back in time a few thousand years, but in antiquity it seems, our genius female role was celebrated and acknowledged, ..and not for having a tiny waist all frail and waif like, but for bulbous and fruitful hips, loaded breasts and bellies naturally fecund and saturated with our quintessential femininity.

The Angel necklace for Motherhood; a celebration and acknowledgement.

angel necklace for motherhoodI remembered while birthing my own kids, how inescapable was my surrender to this life force, and how for a moment during their birth it seemed as if Shee, the divine life force took over as I suddenly and unwittingly became her channel, howling my consent to her will.  I think I remember shouting out to her for a safe birth, thanking her for my new born child, and later, for the unspeakable surge of identity I felt, with the one love and the oneness of all creation.

And today I am thanking her again, for my newest granddaughter’s safe and awesome delivery into our world. And once again I feel the very special connection to my women friends, those daughters of daughters of daughters, who have all known beyond a shadow of a doubt who Shee is ..and felt her presence in those moments before birthing our children.

Why women don’t send their children to war.

Any woman who has birthed her own child wants peace, not war for this one simple reason. She has personally met and known the divine life force, the great Shee La, The Cosmic Mother, The Holy Mary, The Creatrix, The Goddess.. that female who seized her in the agonising moments of her labour, giving her a supernatural strength to bring forth life,.. and love.

I would appreciate your comments, stories and birth tales. Please feel free to respond. It would be great fun to hear from you.

Remembering our connectedness.

Lots of Love