I’m often asked why I make Angels.


People aften ask me why I only make angel jewellery.? And my answer is this.  


Angels represent everything that’s good in the universe. They stand for freedom, for intuitive guidance, for safety and for love. I want to help you transform your perceptions, and see the possibilities in your world. I want you to create changes in your life, so you are the happiest, most joyous people you know” 


You came here to experience life. Not just any old life, but life at its fullest. You are here, connecting with angels because you want and deserve a beautiful life with love and abundance. You want to know how to handle situations that baffle you, and to access an intuitive wisdom when you feel powerless.


 I make angel necklaces, to act as talismans, personal reminders you can wear, because angels are simply energies for transforming your perceptions, about yourself and your experiences of life. They are pure energies with which you can create the freedom and happiness that is yours for the asking, right here and now. 


Angels Hold You Until You Can Hold Yourself 


We all have a flow of intuitive guidance within us. We are born with it.  But at some point in time, usually when we are very younrg  we pick up negative belief systems.  We pick up on fear from our environment, from the news, from our teachers, from our parents.


 As your body accumilates fear, you become more and more disconnected from your goodness. Angels keep your source energy safe, until you get in the flow again. They remind you of your inner goodness.  On their wings you rise above fear, and remember what your true nature is; Love!  


Angels simply hold our precious, innocent energy for us, until we can embrace it again, for ourselves. They bundle it all up and keep it safe. They believe in us until we believe in ourselves, and love us until we love ourselves.


So why do I make Angels? Because we all need at least one in our lives.


 In every moment I have a choice. 


Every moment I have a choice to go deeper into fear, or, to shift my energy into love. Every moment I am free to shift my thoughts from negative to positive, and at every moment I can choose a higher state of being that builds me up.  


How do I do this?..By being mindful, by training myself to become an observer of my thoughts.


Many of us had caretakers who were busy and distracted. My own Mother was always busy, and lived in fear that she wouldnt get all her work done. She was always in a hurry and stressed. Watching her I learned to be anxious and adrenalised. 


My Mother was never shown the techniques we know today – like how to sit in stillness, or how to practice deep breathing. She couldn’t teach me how to believe in myself, or listen to my inner guidance, because no one showed her how to believe in herself, or how to love herself.


 Here are 4 Actions For Immediate Connection With Your Angel


  • Surrender your problem, stop searching for answers, and become teachable.
  • Trust that the universe will show you the way.
  • Let your difficulties become the path to the solution.
  • Ask to be shown what to do.

These actions will help you be open to the ever present love and wisdom within us and around us. From now on say..”I trust the universe. I trust my body and I trust the earth.”


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And remember, we all have the capacity to live in synchronicity  with the universe and its gifts. Sometimes it is a moment to moment decision, a daily practice. Remember, we have been raised on fear and now we have to un-fear ourselves, and remind ourselves to show up for our light. 


Lots of love and thank you for being here. 


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I'm often asked why I make Angels.   People aften ask me why I only make angel jewellery.? And my answer is this.     Angels...

Words from Linda, about her Angel Jewellery.

All my necklaces are made with the most beautiful natural crystals and they have already helped thousands and thousands of people from all walks of life all over the world connect more fully with their Angels.

Many of the crystals are connection crystals and will help you to safely and confidently channel the Angel or Archangel you are working with for inspirational messages and healing.

I explain all about the crystals I have used in each necklace and the ways they are most likely to benefit you.

Each one has an energy that will empower you to develop your soul purpose and align with divine healing.

Check out these Angel and Archangel necklaces in the photos  –  they are my most popular ones and are helping so many people, as you will read in the testimonials.