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Angels And The Pilgrimage to Sacred Sites


Something profound happens when you dedicate your angel necklace at a sacred site or a holy place

“Sacred sites are far more than esoteric, spiritual sanctuaries. These places protect biodiversity. The World Bank reports* that indigenous people make up 4% of the world’s population and control 22% of the earth’s surface—and on that land is 80% of the planet’s remaining biodiversity. People whose connection to land goes back centuries and who have maintained cultural value systems rooted in sacred places have a superior land ethic. Period”. ~ Christopher McLeod, May 18, 2015  

 Traditional Chinese landscape paintings are usually simple, minimalistic and beautiful . Everything seems to be perfectly positioned, in ultimate balance, coaxing the eye over the artwork in simple delight and elegance. It is said that every house was built to blend in with the surrounding landscape. No tree or rock was disturbed, and the site chosen was a sacred spot, where the earth energies were harmonious and in the right aspect to the majour planets. If these rules about right positioning were adhered to it would be forever a happy and peaceful home, its family members enjoying continued prosperity, health and abundance, protected by Angels 


 Nowadays, with our earthmoving giants we tear the hills apart and gouge deep into the earth seldom condisering what lies beneath us or around our building sites. Our sole purpose it seems is to conquor nature, not to blend or flow or harmonise with it. And we wonder why our homes are cold and unfriendly and why we feel so lonely inside them. The architects of our ancient sites, upon which our churches and cathedrals now stand chose their exact positioning according to the lay of the land and their aspect to the heavenly bodies, a spot which literally teemed with energy. For many hundreds maybe thousands of years these sites were the places where people gathered to worship, to play, to dance to feast and to celebrate the sacredness of life itself. These were places they came to celebrate each other and to mark the passing of time. It is in the auric body of these places that we get renewed, healed, energised and reminded how precious and impermanent life is. 

This is why I urge you to take your angel jewellery and your angelic intentions to a sacred place, on a pilgrimage, and  breathe in life’s miracle, letting its wonder envelope you once more. Infuse yourself with the vibrations of harmony and balance in these holy places, and speak your intentions with your angel necklace in hand.

 Ask your Angel to support you, and be a personal connector to your deepest wishes and desires. Ask her to be a guide, for you to live your life aligned with the best possible version of you.


       All my love

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