What is an angel?

How often do we ask the question What Is An Angel?

Not so often, for we have already been deeply influenced by more than two thousand years of religious teachings, philosophies and mythologies to which almost nothing more recent has been added.

The great psychologist Carl Jung would tell us our concept of Angels comes from ancient and universal archetypes, which are rooted firmly and deeply in the collective consciousness.

But many of us feel there is much more to be understood about angels, as advances in physics and science constantly require us to expand our understanding of what we are in relationship with the greater reality we are part of.

With this knowledge I believe we are now offered a more complete understanding of what an angel is, and what angelic consciousness can do for us individually and collectively.

Paradigms are changing, and as we emerge from the limitations of the Piscean age into the new age of Aquarius, the question of “what is an angel” has become a super mind expanding subject, built on the traditional concepts, but with the added excitement of many new scientific laws.

The beliefs and traditions in our major religions, and writings of the theologians tend to agree on several points, and up to this day these aggregates have explained and completely shaped our understanding of what angels are, what they do, what they look like and what they mean for us.

15 Common Threads In Religious Angelology.

  • A hierarchy of angels, with higher ranks having authority over lower ranks.
  • Wings. Angels with more than two wings.
  • Angels with several faces.
  • A circle of light or halo over the angel’s head.
  • Angels are created by God.
  • Angels have superhuman intelligence.
  • Angels have tremendous power.
  • Their numbers are ten thousand times ten thousand and more.
  • Angels are musical and sing in choirs.
  • Angels travel at the speed of light and can appear anywhere instantly
  • Angels help people in trouble.
  • Angels guide you if you’re lost,
  • Angels protect you and keep you safe from dangers.
  • Angels are beings of pure Light
  • Angels are the bearers of messages and information

The above qualities, and stories of angels and angelic encounters were first documented long ago by ancient Greek philosophers, and more recently in theological texts of the 5th and 6th centuries with the most recent addition by Saint Thomas Aquinas. It must be remembered that philosophers and theologians alike made these accounts accessible for a congregation with no scientific knowledge whatsoever.

But when we examine these teachings in the 21st century with our new understanding of science and metaphysics, we realise the profound implications hidden in these old descriptions of angels, and a very fascinating story begins to emerge when answering the question of “what is an angel.”

Angels Are Messengers And Beings Of Light.

That they have been consistently referred to as messengers, and beings of light is of particular interest to the modern mystic, because the very latest discoveries about Light hold an uncanny similarity with out traditional knowledge about what an angel is, and what it does.

The study of light, or optics, is one of the most important research areas in physics today. Light can be described in terms of a stream of photons, massless packets of energy, each travelling with wavelike properties almost instantly. A photon is the smallest quantity, or quantum of energy (information) which can be transported, and it was this realisation that light travelled in discrete quanta, or packets of information (messages) that was the origins of Quantum Theory.

But it gets spookier…

A very recent discovery shows that, in certain circumstances, even virtual photons that do not carry energy can be used to transmit information. In that work, it was shown that the afterglow of events that happened in the early Universe carry more information than the actual light that reaches us from those events

Let there be light

Light is a primary particle. It’s older than our solar system; it’s everywhere; it moves at 300,000 kilometres a second, and it will exist after our solar system collapses. Religious texts tell us God always was and always will be. Five billion years ago the very first bacteria absorbed light, photosynthesised, produced precious oxygen and hey presto, life in its many forms began to blossom on earth..

It’s magic.

We communicate through light. Calls, texts, photographs and websites ride flecks of light. Within our body information is passed from cell to cell via light. Our thoughts trigger tiny flashes of light produced by neurons (messengers) in our brain. Light carries information all around our bodies.

Physics is essentially the study of interactions or messages. Physicists have shown that light carries messages from the earliest events in our universe. The Hebrew word for God, Elohim, translates as Light.

Photons not only carry light energy from the sun, it’s now a fact that light energy or messages from deep back into the universe reach us.

One of the greatest thinkers of our time, Mr. Albert Einstein, stated that photons of light enter the earth at an angle. Based on his research Einstein also stated these photons are messenger particles that send and receive information constantly. The Bible states angels are God’s messengers. Could these angles of light be angels?

In the Jewish esoteric tradition the Kabblah or tree of life is a diagram consisting of 10 nodes (or angles) symbolising different archetypes, and each node or angle bears the name of an angel, seriously!!! ..and each angel or node has a specific purpose and is the intelligence explaining the relationship between the divine infinite God and the mortal finite universe. Is it just by accident that these highly significant words, Angel and Angle have identical purpose and meaning? The Bible states angels are God’s messengers.

Angles or Angels?

Light is one of our most universal and fundamental symbols; a word used to mean spiritual and divine. It is illumination, intelligence and knowledge. Jesus said “I am the light of the World”

  • Virtually indestructible and travelling at 300,000 Kilometers per second, are photons of light reaching us from the outer regions of space?
  • Are they coming from a more evolved dimension bringing messages of love and healing? Are photons the messengers of God who come to our aid when called upon?
  • Do they travel from unknown depths of the cosmos to raise our frequency?
  • Can they penetrate matter like the muon?
  • Do they enter our bodies and fill us with light energy and information?
  • Can we become en-light-ened by inviting light energy to penetrate our bodies and pineal gland?
  • Can we attune ourselves to light frequencies with certain music, crystals, visualisation, meditation, chants or sacred geometry?

Are these possible answers to the question “what is an angel?” Some of the greatest minds of our time are now straining to comprehend what these breakthroughs in optics and quantum mechanics whisper about our reality.

Though I’ve channelled angelic energy for many years I’m suspicious and even a little embarrassed by popular angel images of muscle-men angels or glamorous women with wings.

As with all religious teachings and myths I understand that images like this allow us to identify, but I believe the layman deserves better. I deeply believe the light beings we call Angels are so much more amazing, and that more will be revealed if we allow ourselves to move on from these rather primitive and over-simplified explanations. We have so much fabulous stuff to learn about this subject.


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