wear an angel necklace

Wear an Angel Necklace to boost your self-confidence.

When you wear an Angel necklace you’re sending a powerful message to your Angels and to the entire universe that you’re now ready to cast away the old you and usher in the new you. You are ready to receive support – you are open to divine guidance – for Angelic intelligence to flow to you.

Know that you have confidence in you already, you’ve just been looking for it in all the wrong places – listening to the wrong messages.

Understand how your mind works

 angel pendants for self beliefWhen you understand how your own mind works and how powerful it is – when you learn to control your thinking, your emotions, your creativity, and especially your imagination –  when you can tell yourself that you are okay, believe you are enough – then you become the conscious creator of your life experience, and all your Angels will work on your behalf to see that your life matches your new beliefs.

Angels have a long history of helping human beings be the very best they can be and you can call on them to help you control anything, even if it is in your unconscious mind.

“Self-belief comes not just by trying to convince yourself you can do stuff, true self-belief actually comes from holding a vision of yourself that serves your dreams and ambitions”

Ask Angels to help you release old beliefs and so realise your magnificence.

I believe that low self esteem blocks us from knowing who we are and what we are meant to be doing.

When you are constantly worrying about what others think, or scared to make mistakes – if you’re on edge, full of anxiety about your self worth, if you cannot see your value, your soul’s unique worth and usefulness to humanity, if you see yourself as separate – or different here is the solution.believe angel pendant

Call upon your Angels now, and ask them to help you release this old, worn out belief or feeling of low confidence, and start seeing yourself in a new empowered light – the divine you, the magnificent version of the manifestation of god, of source love that you truly are.

Wear an Angel Necklace to;

  • Banish that inner voice that sets you up for failure before you even start
  • Overcome social anxiety and believe you are as worthy as anyone else.
  • Constantly flow pure divine light into your mind so that no doubts can enter.
  • Remind you that you are a magnificent creation of god
  • Feel naturally confident by preparing for you for challenging situations
  • Go forward with your dreams and aspirations knowing that you have everything you need for success.
  • Know that the negative voice is not yours and when you start to doubt yourself stop and observe that little negative inner voice.
  • Ask yourself; whose voice is it really? A parent’s? the old school bullies? A collection of lots of different voices from different times and people?
  • Be sure that little inner self-critical voice wasn’t yours originally. It may masquerade as yours now but it isn’t really and you can change it, right her, right now.

How the Amygdala works and how to talk sense to yourself.

When something intensely emotional happens to you it is tagged by your brain as hugely significant and recorded in your amygdala. The amygdala will match any new experience with that original significant one to try and protect you from the same emotional or painful experience.

The brain is only trying to help you by reminding you of the experience but it can be over cautious and this becomes a problem. When we don’t understand how our brain works we can mistakenly live our whole life in this reactionary state, being reminded of and controlled by humiliating, sad or frightening situations from our past.

How Angels help us to wake up and use Angelic thinking.

We have to teach the mind higher thinking. Angelic thinking. You have to learn how to do it.. to re-think your thoughts.

Until you wake up to your divine essence, to your pure natural love state of being you will be forever living in the past, with the brain just repeating all these memories from your past, recreating the same feelings and attracting more of them. Wear an Angel Necklace to help  you rise above these patterns of the brain..which re create and recycle the negativity in your life.

Get into the habit of sitting down and inviting your Angels in; close your eyes, and watch yourself behaving decisively, calmly, and strongly. This powerful visualization exercise means that between you and your angels you can re-train yourself to be confident, have self-belief, and behave in ways which maximize your chances of success. You have it in you – you CAN do it – it works!

Think what you’d say to someone you really believe in if they started showing doubts. Sit down and say those same things to yourself when you ‘hear yourself’ starting to express doubts. Catch the negative thought then take a few moments, close your eyes and tell yourself what you want and need to hear.

Lots of love