Why Light workers attract relationships that hurt.

If you’re a light worker or a star seed you’ve been in relationships that hurt more than once in your life. You’ve been hurt by giving your energy to others who didn’t appreciate it, or by giving your love to someone who did not/could not return it.

It hurts like crazy and we wonder why it keeps happening?  “After all we’ve done for her/him”

We go on telling the (same old) story.

Our story.

The one about how cruel and nasty she was…or about how he told me that he really, REALLY loved me, then spent the weekend with his ex? girlfriend.

So what do we do? ..We put our blinkers on, and stuff the real feelings,

And to soothe our wounded self we feel proud that we can be SO tolerant, …we’re gonna show the world what REAL love is.

We’re gonna be super woman, so that one day he’ll see what a treasure I am and finally be mine…. forever.

Down through the ages, how many women have believed that?

Darling, if someone does not love and respect you of their own free will, doesn’t matter how nice you are, you aren’t gonna make them.

healing relationships that hurtSo why do we break our hearts trying?

Society, religion and institutions encourage women to be tolerant, and unselfish. We believe that these virtues will bring us the love and approval we crave.

Children are supposed to be seen, heard, and acknowledged. If we learned that our feelings didn’t matter, we grow up hungry for the approval we never got in childhood.  We grow up willing to put others needs before our own for love.

We’re already on the road to painful relationships.

We’ve already abandoned ourselves, and we’re all set to meet people who might take advantage of our neediness.

Light workers and empaths need to transcend their childhood neglect by learning how to love and respect their divinity. So that they can become the big beacons of light they were meant to be. So that they can help others to transcend the pain of relationships that hurt.

And can attract relationships that are fulfilling and fun, and create a life worthy of the beautiful beings we truly are.

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Lots of love