How To Stay Grounded With The Help Of Angels During Intense Times And Full Moons

This will help you stay grounded with the help of Angels, especially when feelings become more intense around full moons, eclipses and strong planetary alignments. Times such as these can bring out our most intense feelings and our dark side. What can you do to stay grounded and balanced and use the Moon’s energy most effectively? 

Ask your Angel for guidance and a balanced spirit

The more we walk on our spiritual path and develop a connection with the higher vibrations of the Angels, the more we need to check if our feet are solidly on the ground. When feelings go wild, grounding your energy is an essential practice to help you stay grounded and balanced.

A prayer can be effective in bringing about balance and healing. Naming your feelings of anxiety, depression, loss, or anything else that makes you feel unbalanced, can empower you to pray for their fading. Ask your Angel to guide you to find your purpose for the upcoming month till the next Full Moon. Guidance to find your purpose is what brings you peace, happiness and helps you stay firmly grounded and motivated to fulfill your goals and wishes.

Use crystals to stabilize your energy

Crystals are powerful and serve as protective amulets for thousands of years. Two crystals that are associated with the deep and fierce nature of Scorpio are Onyx and Carnelian. 

Keeping near to you or, even better, wearing an onyx crystal will help you stay grounded in times of huge mental or physical stress like the Full Moon days. Your onyx crystal will assist you in connecting with your feelings and understand the truth behind them to help you balance them and make wise decisions.

Carnelian is another powerful crystal with an earthy vibration. Modern spiritual workers suggest carnelian for its ability to give energy and stimulate courage and action. Carnelian will help you balance the enormous energies of the Full Moon, calm your thoughts, and lift your mood. Wearing an angel pendant with carnelian is one of the most efficient ways to protect yourself against negative vibrations and raise your energy while staying grounded.

Rose quartz is associated with Taurus and Rose quartz is the crystal that carries the power of unconditional love and consciousness to Earth. Wear a rose quartz Angel on the heart chakra and meditate on healing any negative feelings and raising self-love and forgiveness for others and yourself.

Walk in nature

Go out in a park, forest, or another calm place in nature. Take off your shoes and sure your feet connect firmly with the ground. Listen to the sounds around you, the birdsong, the water. Feel the fresh air that caresses your face. Connect your body and mind with Mother Nature and focus on the power she gives you. This will invigorate your spirit and senses. 

Enjoy the blessings of the Full Moon, and remember that you are loved and supported with Angels always. 

Lots of love as always