Connect with the Divine Feminine Angel Necklacedivine feminine angel necklace

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Divine Feminine Angel Necklace; angelic support for personal healing and freedom.

I believe our mental and physical health, indeed our survival and our happiness, depend on reclaiming the feminine energy, and Angels can help us to do this.

Wearing an angel pendant is like putting on a pair of wings; wings to wrap around us to comfort us on our journey, to hold us through the many challenges of everyday life, and to be a constant reminder that support is always there, with us and around us.

As you can see I love using crystals in my angel jewellery because Angels and crystals amplify and compliment each other very well. Crystals are like symbols and speak a language of their own, a language that spans thousands of years. Crystals are helpful to define which areas we need support with because they have a power of their own to help our vibration align to those qualities we desire.

For this Angel I chose the light reflecting, and softly iridescent Mother of Pearl, a universal symbol of the power of the feminine to rise again, and as an ode to her beauty, purity and soothing abilities.

Freeing Our Divine Self by quitting the Blame Game.

As we gradually come into our power we move away from blaming the system, our upbringing, or indeed our partner. We become weary of carrying all that resentment, and realise its crazy to let other people define how we feel and how we go about our lives. If other people continue to be our problem we have to ask the question “Why” .. Why are we reluctant to give up the blame game?

Why take responsibility for our circumstances?

Well, you see, blame is a great way to hide ourselves from ourselves. I am not judging anyone when I say this, because I do it, we all do it, we learn to hide to survive life’s traumatic circumstances, and deny what we can’t face, but, as long as we put the responsibility on someone or something outside ourselves nothing will change; we’ll keep giving the reins of our lives to someone out there and we’ll never get to realise or understand what a huge dynamic influence we are in shaping own lives. When we blame we give all our power away. When we blame we play small and we stay small.

Dare to Change

So dare to change. Nothing will ever change until we “be the change we are seeking,” When we love ourselves, we can love others; it’s automatic. Similarly, when we have compassion for ourselves we gain compassion for others.

This is the way of the feminine and it starts from within us, within our soul, the soul of woman.  We are the creative, the nurturing, the life giving force and when we blame we blame, we lose it, we lose our power.

But when we grow to love and respect ourselves, correcting our own faults not others, then we recover our strength. As women begin to connect to their strength it will have far reaching consequences not only in our personal lives but in our communities, our governments and in our future.

This is the power of the feminine.

Women have to help women to do this. Since we are still the primary caregivers we can pass this awareness to our children. We have the power. It starts with ourselves, with me and with you and with gentleness. Angels embody this powerful, spiritual energy of the feminine, and this is why I am drawn to working with them and representing them in my jewelry.

Such is the creative vision behind the Divine Feminine Angel Necklace.

Lots of love