How To Connect with Archangel Michael

If you are wondering how to connect with Archangel Michael, here are a few ways that I have been using for many years. 

I use a few basic concepts about Archangel Michael including his colour ray, his crystals, the planet he is associated with and of course his purpose to help mankind through the developmental stages of human life. Each Archangel serves a very specific purpose designed by a higher authority (God, the Universe, Nature..whatever you call it) primarily so that we can seek the assistance from higher beings who meet our needs and will guide our progress  through specific and various different times in our lives.

What then are the times in our lives when we need to connect with Archangel Michael.

Personally I like to connect with Archangel Michael when I am facing fear of any kind.

This can be fear of meeting new challenges or meeting new people or making big decisions.

It could be fear of authority figures or fear of a challenging situation in work or fear of a lawsuit.

It can be questions about a course of action whether a specific action is right or wrong, or if I’m not sure how safe a business transaction will be.

I’m going to ask for guidance from Archangel Michael if I am involved in any argument or anything that might be detrimental to my personal safety or my security.
I was once called to defend a friend who was in a legal battle with a former employer and I called on Archangel Michael to help justice prevail.

These are many of the the specific areas of life we can ask for his intervention and help.

This is how I connect with Archangel Michael, you can use this same format.

I usually begin by finding a quiet spot either inside or out in nature where I can take about 5-10 minutes to meditate on the situation that I need guidance with. I breathe, deep and slow, trying to extend the amount of time it takes to draw in my breath and slowly let it out . After a few breaths like this I begin to feel more comfortable and relaxed, then I ask Archangel Michael to let himself be known in whatever way he can.

Angels will always hear a request from you and will always respond. Now it is only a matter of being in the moment with a clear mind with your senses alert to his presence
Sometimes  you will feel his presence with a feeling of relief that you are not going to have to deal with the situation on your own.

I will feel comforted and relieved.

Sometimes this feeling is accompanied by a lovely colour or colours in my mind or in my immediate vicinity – mostly blues and purples and silver.
When I feel ready  I just begin by addressing him with great love something like .. “dear and mighty Archangel Michael I am honoured that you are close and willing to help me. Thank you for your love and support in this matter”.

Then I verbalise exactly what the situation is and what my fears are about it and also that I am asking for his guidance and advice and protection in finding a good course of action or a solution that would be beneficial for all involved.

Now it’s time to listen, because listening is an important part of how you connect with Archangel Michael

And listen with humility and gratitude and a quiet mental state.

I might take 3 or 5 minutes clearing my mind as in meditation- that’s all the time you need. Usually it isn’t helpful to stay longer in this state. If absolutely nothing comes to you, just get on with your day. Something will come to you later..

What I am saying is, don’t force any solutions, trust the process and relax into it. You will be guided.

More than often during this period of time a simple but significant message becomes clear.

Just let it be good enough that you have had a few moments together.

When I connect with Archangel Michael I say a big thank you.

After the session with Archangel Michael, which needn’t take more than 10 minutes max, I will say thank you for being there for me and that I absolutely love and appreciate our connection and any guidance and / or conversation that has occurred.

Again, if you’re wondering at this point there’s nothing in the form go guidance that you could hold on to, you can be absolutely sure that as your day unfolds and you keep your mind on the Archangel’s purpose to help you, sooner or later an answer will gradually unfold before you .

It will feel safe, clear and comfortable. It may be accompanied with a feeling of warmth or a kind of insight which feels right .

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