Manifesting With Your Angel Pendant Of Joy & Abundance

Read this amazing experience my client had with her Angel Pendant. Published with kind permission from the author.

Dear Linda,…Thank you for your kind message.

I’m absolutely delighted with the Citrine Angel pendant. I have to say the design is the most beautiful I have ever seen and I’ve seen many Angel pendants everywhere, but yours just stands out from the rest. I felt a wonderful sense of warmth and calm when I first put it on, and instantly it brought me great comfort and inner peace.
I don’t have the pendant anymore though..why? you may ask!

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I have a dear friend who I’m very close to, and things have never been easy for her throughout her life. She is only 26 and has endured the cruelist and hardest of expierences for someone so young.
We met just over 5 years ago, by chance at a meeting.We connected straight away, but on a deeper level like I’ve never experienced before. I ‘knew’ we were meant to meet and become close friends.

We’re both very spiritual and believe in Angels,synchronicities, healing, fairies and elementals..the list goes on..we have so much in common.

But outside influences always had other ideas for my friend. She finds it a constant battle to be in a job that makes her happy and
secure. It always seems ‘too good to be true’ when she finds a better job, as time after time, she discovers that the hours are not
long enough, she doesn’t get paid enough, work conditions aren’t great, or she is being treated in a bad way etc,etc and ends up disillusioned once again.
I went over to her house one day and I took one look at her and knew something was wrong. She looked tired and had lots of muddy colours round her aura with deep red, so I knew she was deeply depressed. She told me that she may not be able to start her new job due to complications in her applications.
That was just one of the many things that keeps going wrong for her. Learning that the possibilty of not getting this next job was the last staw she looked broken and had had enough.

I know that when things go really bad,at times I feel that she wishes she wasn’t alive, I know she had almost succeeded on a couple of occasions. A few years ago she tried to take her life, I was heartbroken.


Citrine Angel PendantEver since then, I always know if she becomes ‘unstable’ and I somehow manage to pull her back. She tries not to tell me but I can read her, and she knows she can’t hide the truth or her feelings from me because even from a distance I know when something isn’t right.
It’s hard work sometimes,but I do my best to be there for her..but that day when I sat at the table and took one good look at her tired face..something stirred in my heart. I heard a voice in my mind telling me to give her the Citrine Angel pendant I was wearing. I never questioned why, or that I’ve just bought it for myself, and didn’t want to give it to her, my ego didn’t come into it..I just ‘knew’ she had to have the pendant.
I put the necklace round her,and instantly her aura brightened up. She sat up and smiled. She told me she feels more calm and warm and had a feeling of being protected and ‘cared’ for by someone unseen.
I told her that “If you feel down,talk to ArchAngel Gabriel, she will guide you if you ask. Her stone is Citrine”

Ever since that night I gave her my necklace, things took a very different turn for her,job offers came her way in which she has acted upon to get her out of the one she’s in now that is dragging her down so much. Also a man she was deeply in love with..and still is, even though in another loveless relationship,although she would never tell me, I knew,..*smiles*
She had a call from her first love to say he was sorry and it took a seperation,and a heartbreaking loss of a baby, to realise that he still loves her,as she loved him.
I have not seen my friend look so happy and calm in a long time. I believe the power of the Citrine Angel Pendant and Arch Angel Gabriel was guiding her,showing her the way. The transformation has had a wonderful effect on her life, even so soon as within a week.
I knew I bought the pendant for a very good reason, and it wasn’t for me.

Thank you so much!
Isn’t it amazing how a chain of events happen like this? Who says this is a coincidence? I believe we’re being guided:o)
I shall look forward to ‘my’ pendant this time.You have created so much happiness in what you do and I’m eternally greatful:o)
I apologise for a rather long email.

Love and Best Wishes,

Charlotte xx

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