choosing your angel pendant

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Your Angel Pendant

Give yourself a little time choosing your Angel Pendant because when you decide which Angel is for you, you will begin to form a beautiful, supportive relationship with your Angel which will last a lifetime –  you’ll become best friends. You will more easily receive your Angel’s messages and feel safer and more protected at all times with your Angel by your side.

I expect you’ve already browsed around my website and seen some very nice jewellery, but how do you choose the perfect Angel Pendant for you? From the huge selection available you’d think this would be an easy task but its not. You begin to think you need them ALL!

Fear Not, Help Is On Its Way.

 You may be buying one for your partner or friend, and you’re  unsure about choosing the right one. If you’re lucky your partner may have dropped a hint, or even given you details of the Angel she wants. Even so, the choice may have confused you because you see more than one that fits the description am I right?choosing your angel pendant

Well thats exactly what I am going to help you with now, and it’s not so difficult if you follow these 3 simple tips I’m about to give you. My advice to you is keep it simple, follow these foolproof tips on choosing your Angel Pendant and I have no doubt you will make exactly the right choice.

You really can’t go wrong because the Angel you really need will be the Angel you choose. And its usually the first one you’re drawn to, but I’ll leave that for you to decide!

Choose wisely and you’ll have found a trusted companion who’ll be forever with you. Start with the mindset that there is a special Angel here with your name on it, assigned to help you achieve every goal and desire you have. A little prayer before you start could go something like this.

“Dear Angels of the light, please come to me now as I would really appreciate your advice in choosing my (my friend’s) Angel Pendant. Please guide me to make a choice for the best possible outcome for all. Thank you Angels”

#1. Choosing Your Angel Pendant By Your Birth Month

This is a great way of choosing the perfect Angel. In this section called “BirthStone Angel Pendants” you will see that the Angel Pendants are all assigned to specific months of the year, and each month has one or two Angels to choose from. Look for the Angels appointed to your Birthday Month and click through to read a little more about those Angels.

Likewise, if you are choosing a gift for someone else, find out the person’s birthday month and choose an Angel for them based on the month in which they were born. I know for a fact that a personalised gift such as this is a very pleasing and exciting gift to receive.

#2. Choosing Your Angel Pendant To Help You With A Challenging Task.

Angels were created to help you through all your challenges. For instance, let’s say you’ve been trying to build up your self-esteem lately but you’re still running into situations where you don’t feel good enough. There is a specific Angel who will help you to make some progress in this area of self-belief and self- worth. Wearing this Angel Pendant will help you feel more loveable and supported right away because it is the Angel’s express wish that you love and esteem yourself and she will do all she can to help you do this.

angel pendant

Angels love you, and they want to teach you how worthy and esteemable you truly are. This Angel’s job is to help the whole of humanity to realise their true self worth, and that includes you!

Every time you reach up and touch your Angel pendant, you know your Angel is right beside you, filling you with positive, self affirming thoughts. Developing self-esteem and loving ourselves is a state of mind we must practice on a daily basis.

Choose this Angel Pendant to wear if you are in the process of developing your self-esteem, self-love and self-respect. Browse around the website and you will find an Angel to help you with any issue.

#3. Choosing Your Angel Pendant to Help You Achieve Your Dream, Ambition or Desire.

When you purchase your Angel Pendant be quite specific as to what you’d like help with.

The combination of Angels and crystals is extra dynamic because together they hold a much stronger energy frequency which will help you achieve your specific need more effectively.

Every one of my Angel Pendants is designed to provide you with exactly the right help to achieve the outcome you desire.

Here are some examples of what Angels can help with, from my Angel Pendant collection;

  • The Angel of New Beginnings will help with anything you are newly starting. e.g; a new business, a new relationship, a new cycle of your life.
  • The Angel of Hope helps you to see situations in a new light and gives you hope during challenging times. e.g. having an operation, loss of a loved one, moving house.
  • The Angel of Inspiration helps to stimulate the imagination and brings fresh ideas and inspiration – artists, writers and creators are helped by this Angel.
  • The Angel of Mindfulness helps to anchor you in the present, stay grounded and bring projects to completion
  • The Angel of Tranquility is a great peace bringer especially helpful for relaxing the mind, helping you meditate or study.

These a just a few examples of ways your Angel Pendant can help you, and how to choose her so you’ll love your pendant when she arrives.

Most of all have fun choosing your Angel and remember, you can’t make a mistake – I am confident that you’ill be drawn to exactly the right Angel for you!

And if you still need some help, please go to the contact page and leave me a message, I’m always happy to help find the right Angel for you!

Love as always