Angels Illuminate Your Divine Feminine


Both Archangels and Angels illuminate your divine feminine and help you to access your deepest sense of self worth.

You know Angels love you…but the real question is…how much do you truly appreciate all that you are and are capable of?


“Sadly, many people are unaware of their full potential, live a half-life – a bud never to flower”
Making a loving connection with Angelic energy,  the energy of the feminine, helps you tune in to your softness; your soft power… with which you can change not only your life but your whole world…
…because Angels are a bridge to your feminine potential.

Even though in this moment in history our world seems dominated by the gross and heavy handed, when you connect with the angelic feminine you can, in just a few seconds help to bring about the end of hundreds, even thousands of years of suppression of sacred feminine energy just by asking the angels to fill you with their love.

We are only just beginning to access the divine feminine again and reach a positive understanding of the power of softness, after decades of decline.

Do you know that your actions, thoughts and choices in this lifetime affect at least the next two generations?

As a mother I know how much I’ve influenced my children, my daughters especially. They won’t like to admit it because every generation believes that they are doing it “better” than their parents …but I can see in them traces of my own insecurities…

Because in the end of the day their fundamental attitudes were formed, for better or for worse, as a result of my words, actions and choices..

Knowing ourselves.. from a loving, guilt free place is the power we hold as mothers and as women.

If we make just a few healthy changes in our lifetime we change the world. This immense potential is in our hands and is a fact worthy of our deepest attention.

When mothers teach their daughters to love themselves, to love their bodies, to value their energy and their time and to expect fairness, and kindness, and truth… the world will have to change..

And a great feminine potential will be released.

This is the way of the angelic feminine, and it survives within each one of us, in your soul, and the communal soul of woman. Angels illuminate your divine feminine, with their softness and their gentleness.

You are the creative, the nurturing, the life giving force and you need to seek full acknowledgment for your contribution both in society and in the home.

Women have to help women to do this.


Since we are still the primary caregivers we can pass this awareness to our children. We have the power. It’s actually in our hands right now.

It starts with me and with you; with the gentleness and compassion of angels.

Angels embody this powerful, sacred energy of the feminine. I feel literally summoned to embody this energy with in my angel jewelry, for women like you; seekers of kindness and truth and gentleness and mystery. I hope my jewelry achieves this.

The Divine Feminine Angel Necklace encourages the Angelic Power of Softness.


Change doesn’t come easy. Even non violent change presents consequences which are often unwelcome and painful and sad. Like growing pains, your tolerance is unbearably stretched sometimes out of all proportion.

But dont give in, don’t crumble under the backlash. Thats just the old power fighting for supremacy the only way it ever knew how. Eventually you see it has no power over you at all…once you trust your angelic feminine.

Ask for angelic energy to activate the cosmic feminine and the power of self love and kindness, and then you will be visited by an incredible force of nature which asks all women to work together to restore balance and harmony and wellbeing.

This is your work, ..our work.

Blessings to you


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Words from Linda, about her Angel Jewellery.

All my necklaces are made with the most beautiful natural crystals and they have already helped thousands and thousands of people from all walks of life all over the world connect more fully with their Angels.

Many of the crystals are connection crystals and will help you to safely and confidently channel the Angel or Archangel you are working with for inspirational messages and healing.

I explain all about the crystals I have used in each necklace and the ways they are most likely to benefit you.

Each one has an energy that will empower you to develop your soul purpose and align with divine healing.

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