Angels & The Art Of Ageing Beautifully.

People are enjoying their golden years by ageing beautifully and having fun like never before.

And many of us are looking, and feeling better than we felt in our youth, especially if our younger years were eclipsed by addictions and dysfunctional core beliefs..

The human body is an amazing thing to survive and revive from all kinds of abuse.

The mind too, as we now learn from science, is our most powerful tool.

Like a double edged sword, it has the ability to create life experiences filled with love, bliss and abundance, or with deprivation, and desperation. It all depends on how we choose to use it.


angels and the art of ageingCultivating a healthy, fit body, and a happy disposition as we age is, in my opinion, what we now understand to be the ascension process. The ascension of humanity, through knowledge of our divinity, love of self and compassionate acceptance of others.

We call in the Angels of light and ascension, making it possible to extend the healthy functioning of our organs, brain, and our emotional body.

Ascension happens at the point at which atoms become lighter, brighter and more responsive to changing attitudes.

It’s as if we have more control over how the ageing process develops and occurs within us and even within others with whom we come in contact.

If peace, health and longevity are of interest to us – are on our agenda in any way, we have to ask ourselves, what are the attitudes we hold regarding our own ageing. What are our beliefs. And how well are they serving us?

We can at any point re-think them.

We do this primarily by utilising the knowledge we are being given around self-care and mind-set, and learning how these contribute to all aspects of health. This is the basis governing the progress that science is making in the field of ageing.

We are discovering how to get the very best out of the life we have been given, by honouring the body, the physical vessel we came here with.

And by paying attention to our mental, non physical, energetic body which is finally enjoying the recognition it deserves.

Here’s to your health and a beautiful, long life.

Lots of love