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How To Easily Connect With Your Guardian Angel

Ask four people if they believe in angels’ existence and what they think an angel is, and you will get four different answers. Some people believe that when we die, we will go to heaven to become angels ourselves if we have lived a life aligned with God’s will. Others believe that God created the angels as a force of spiritual beings, invisible to the human eye, gifted with special powers. 

The word “angel” derives from the Greek word “aggelos” and means “messenger”. Angels serve as God’s messengers to bring us divine guidance, facilitate healing, provide protection, and love vibration to the heart and mind of people in need. 

Perhaps you seek answers to your questions, hope to contact a loved one who passed on, seek healing for your soul and heart, or need protection. If so, consider following these seven powerful tips as you begin the beautiful journey of connecting with the angelic realm.

1. Prepare Yourself for the Meeting with your Guardian Angel

Read books, magazines, and online articles, or watch broadcasts about angels. Have an open mind about angelic forces around you. You could also follow a lightworker who use their knowledge of healing to counsel, teach, and enlighten others.

2. Cultivate an Open Mind

You don’t have to be specially gifted to build a strong spiritual connection with angels. As messengers from the Divine, they are here to serve all of humanity. Just affirm your desire to know angels and open your mind and heart to receive their messages. 

3. Raise Your Vibration

Tuning in to the angels’ vibration means you may first have to raise your own vibration to detect and receive the subtler and higher energy vibration levels. Smile even if you’re having a hard day, and notice how your energy changes almost immediately. Simply flexing your facial muscles into a smile, you have raised your vibration. Soon, you’ll be able to feel many different types of energy, even the life force of another person.

4. Develop an Attitude of Gratitude and Appreciation

Every one of us has a bag of problems. However, it really matters how each of us responds to the problem. The way you deal with troubles you encounter along your life path raises or lowers your spiritual energy and vibration. Regardless of the challenges, you may face, a loving and conscious connection with your angels means you have to start focusing on and appreciating the blessings you already have in your life. 

5. Use the Power of Intention to Connect with Your Guardian Angel

The intention is a clear and powerful declaration of something you desire to attract into your life. When you state an intention to your angels, you set forceful energy into motion. Your intention is an invisible force of energy that can turn desires into reality. Get clear about what you want, and you’ll see the rewards coming into your life. 

6. Invite Angels into Your Home

Your connection with angels can be enhanced by time spent in sacred spaces. Such places don’t have to be constructions for ceremonial purposes, but they can be spaces where spiritual beings are always welcomed. Lighting candles to create the right vibe and arranging crystals and statues or pictures of angels are very good steps, to begin with.

7. Get to Know Your Guardian Angel

From our birth to death, our guardian angels are always close by, ready to guide and protect us. Their love for us is unconditional; nothing you say or do change that. Your job is to accept that you have an invisible yet powerful companion by your side. Open a dialogue with your guardian angel just as you would with a new friend. Ask them questions, and you’ll receive answers.

The benefits of creating and maintaining a strong connection with your guardian angel are many. They can help you attract the perfect life partner or help you develop social and professional skills. In harsh times, they can calm your fears and worries and provide a guide to solutions. Your guardian angel will be always there. 

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